Lone Star Parade Float Company is a family owned; family operated full service Parade Float Company serving the United States since 1984. Our staff of designers has created an inventory of affordable holiday and event specific parade floats that are priced to accommodate any individual or parade committee’s budget.
   Our huge inventory of float chassis, rolling

frames, and custom props allows us to maximize

the value of your dollar without exceeding your

budget.  We can provide standard designs from

our inventory or customize your design from an

original concept.  Parades, and the floats that are

designed for each event have changed over the

years.  With the advent of new construction and

decorative materials the industry has labored to

control costs at the same time providing an

affordable yet exciting platform for your parade.  

  We utilize decorative materials and designs that enhance the professional look of your float.  Extra care has been given to the overall production of your float incorporating many features that enhance the look and design of each float.  Vibrant colors, multi level decks, platforms, and blistered sides create a variety to our floats that are unique and add lasting memories. Our floats are completely covered with floral sheeting, festooning, and fringe from top to bottom.  No surface is left underrated.  Glitter is used on surfaces that will not accept floral sheeting.  This provides an eye catching, festive environment for you event.

   Custom lettering from your logo is designed to bring recognition to your sponsors and to complete a very professional look to each float, for this reason we do not use banners or painted signs.  Lone Star Parade Float Company will produce a quality sign completely glittered for your sponsor or organization that reflects the professionalism necessary to produce an inspiring parade. Lone Star Parade Floats is dedicated to the production of quality parade floats that reflect your individual needs.